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The ADHD Clinic present research in Barcelona

Dr. Doron Almagor and our students at the clinic had the opportunity to present their research posters at the Eunethydis 2nd International ADHD Conference in Barcelona.  You can download the research posters here and here


Anxiety Disorders and the Workplace

ADHD rarely manifests on its own, but usually with other comorbid conditions. This article on Anxiety in the Workplace by Dr. Doron Almagor has just been published by The Parkhurst Exchange. For the online version of the journal click here or download the pdf here.



Psychodynamic Treatment of Adult ADHD

Dr. Doron Almagor will be presenting on Psychodynamic Approaches to Adult ADHD at the upcoming CADDRA conference. For details and registration please click here

Psychodynamic Approaches to Adult ADHD

Sunday, 16 October, 2011. 7.30 - 8:45 a.m.

Cognitive Behavioral and related psychotherapies such as Meta-Cognitive Psychotherapy are the most commonly cited and researched psychotherapy modalities in treating Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The structure and goals of these therapies can be directly adapted to address the symptoms of ADHD and they are likely to remain the primary psychotherapeutic approach to ADHD in the foreseeable future.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is not generally thought of as a common treatment alternative in Adult ADHD. Indeed, psychoanalytically derived psychotherapies are not generally utilized in the treatment of neurobiological disorders such as ADHD. This interactive session will discuss how application of psychodynamic theory can be successfully utilized in several ways as a beneficial adjunct treatment of ADHD.

Firstly, Adults with ADHD have commonalities in their psychological developments due to the secondary effects ADHD may have on the infant-caregiver interaction and hence the formation of later psychological structures. Research and experience in the treatment of Adult ADHD show patients share common defensive configurations secondary to the common sequelae of ADHD such as underachievement and difficulties in social adjustment. Both individual and group psychotherapy approaches will be discussed.
Secondly, for the non-psychotherapist, knowledge of psychodynamic theory can help the clinician maximize benefits in modalities other than psychotherapy. Examples will be discussed of how recognizing psychodynamic issues that lead to non-compliance with medication treatment can help achieve treatment compliance and success. 


Conference with Keith Conners on ADHD in Adolescents and Young Adults

We are proud to announce our Spring 2011 conference, "ADHD  Diagnosis and Treatment in Adolescents and Young Adults." This conference will feature internationally renowned ADHD expert Dr. Keith Conners. Dr. Conners is the author of widely used ADHD diagnostic scales such as the CAARS and tests such as the CPT. He is regarded as a leading pioneer in the field of ADHD and we are honored to feature him as our keynote speaker. For more information on this conference please download the file here.


OPA 2011 Annual Conference

Registration space is still available for the Ontario Psychiatric Association's 2011 Annual Conference. Among the many exciting talks at the conference will be a joint lecture on Recent Advances in the Treatment of ADHD in Children and Adolescents given by ADHD pioneer Dr. Keith Conners, Dr. Russell Schachar, and Dr. Doron Almagor.

The conference is of interest to Psychiatrists  and other mental health professionals. To find out more and register click here.